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Zhuhai Fly-Eagle Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing automobile repair equipment with over 30 years experience in the industry. Starting from a small company with our first product, the spot welder, we have expanded into a successful company that now exports world wide with a portfolio of over 80 products including paint curing machines and collision repair systems. We have over 300 staff members, working in our head office based in Zhuhai as well as the three factories and eight branches all over China including Beijing and Shanghai.

Recently, FY-TECH has been awarded the "Zhuhai Science and Technology Enterprise" and "Zhuhai Credible Enterprise" awards as well as being a trustee of the "China Automobile Maintenance Equipment Association".
With abundant technology capabilities, advanced production and testing equipment, we have obtained the Quality Management and Quality Assurance ISO90001:2015, the China Compulsory Certification CCC, and the European Union CE Certification and Exterior Design Patent.
Our products are strictly designed in accordance with international IEC and National GB Standards. Our products are also used and recommended by the 4S body shops of 23 well known automobile manufacturers including Volkswagen and Mazda.
We rely on outstanding product quality, advanced technology, excellent after sales service and professional management. Zhuhai Fly-Eagle Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd has therefore gained a reputation for high quality products. We also maintain a long lasting OEM business relationship with many overseas customers to create international quality.
Based on a development policy of innovation, progressiveness and professionalism, Zhuhai Fly-Eagle Electrical Appliance is fully devoted to the automobile maintenance equipment industry. The "FY-TECH" international brand is synonymous with our principle of a lifetime of use.


Our Products
Spot Welding Machine
Dent Pulling Machine
Car Body Repair System
Aluminium Car Body Repair Station
MIG Welding Center
Battery Charger/Booster
Shortwave Infrared Curing Lamp
Tool Cabinet
Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine
Hose and cable reels
Luxury clean dry grinding
Automotive Paint Body Rotary Stand
Riveting Equipment
Oil Exchanger
Paintless Dent Removal
Screw Air Compressor

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