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1.IGBT inverter pulsed and soft switching control technology allows for energy efficient steady welding with fast arc ignition. Materials' mechanical properties are maintained with less welding deformation and spatter. User can quickly and easily weld car bodies with various materials and achieve a perfect performance. There is also less post welding treatment work and less welding sparks.
2.With industrialized design scheme, the welding parameters are provided automatically to match the workpiece material and thickness. The users only need to set the material and thickness. Complete with the international advanced DSP microprocessor chip.Automatic memory function allows the users to save the welding parameters,safe and efficient.


Technical  Data

 Input voltage:400V or 230V
Rated input power:10.5KVA
Rated input current:16A
Max output current:35A/15.7V-320A/33V
Duty cycle:250A/100%-320A/65%
No-load output voltage:65V
Power factor:?0.95
Insulation grade:F
Steel wire diameter:?0.6-1.2mm
Alu alloy wire diameter:?1.0-1.2mm
Copper alloy wire diameter:?0.6-1.6 mm
Wire feeder: Four-roll drive
Size:Wire feeder106x50x138cm


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