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1.With an advanced integrated circuit, functional modules and the new technology of high-performance switching for convenient adjustments, this unit is easy to learn how to use.
2.Independent development of mature technology, high reliability, easy operation and high efficiency.
3.The microprocessor control system optimizes the welding parameters. Using advanced digital control technology and user friendly design, all you have to do is select the welding current to achieve the best welding results.
4.Voltage auto detect function.
5.Multi-bridge rectifier.
6.Complete with a VPOWER wire feeder.
7.Practical, reliable and advanced technology.
8.With HUA curved silicon steel sheet and energy efficient main transformer.
9.With DELIXI, OMRON and Panasonic high quality relays.
10.Taiwan TIANWEI switch.
11.Switch with gun testing function.
12.With the world famous EMIR brand welding gun.
13.Complete with tool box and anti-blocking agent.


Technical  Data

Input voltage:220V  50/60Hz Single-phase1-ph
Rated input current:16A
Duty cycle:25A-180A
Duty cycle:45%
No-load voltage:10-35A
Insulation grade:F
Wire feeder:two-wheel drive
welding wire:?0.6-1.0mm
Size:Wire feeder:38x85x89cm
Weight:Main machine 37kg    Tool 28kg


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